Criminalization of Immigrants

MARCH 22: The Criminalization of Immigrants in Florida, Panel & Discussion 
The Criminalization of Immigrants in Florida Presentation and Panel Discussion

Our economy depends on the hard working and vibrant immigrant community. We are all woven into the thread that makes the Florida Keys truly unique and special.

Current enforcement and policing of our community has been a source of much concern. The sponsoring organizations have come together to offer a panel discussion about current policies, issues and concerns, as we develop a framework  for advocacy and support in the Florida Keys.
Thank Panelists and local organizing committee.


ACLU of Florida
 Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC),
Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC)
Reggie Smith, local immigrant attorney

Women’s March, Florida Keys Chapter
ACLU of the Florida Keys
Lower Keys League of Women Voters
Key West NOW

Women's March FL Keys Chapter