#womensmarchflorida CALL-to-ACTION SUPPORT HB 761
SB10 passed in the FL Senate and has been moving very slowly in the House.  
* Contact the Natural Resources and Public Lands Subcommittee and urge them to hear the bill and keep it moving forward!
*First ask if your representative has an opinion on the topic, then voice yours. 
*Remember please and thank you goes a long way!
Natural Resources and Public Lands Subcommittee
Chair of the committee: Raschein, Holly (R-HD-120-Miami Dade/Monroe) (850) 717-5120

“Representative Raschein:
“I live in the Florida Keys and am directly affected by this legislation. I urge you to please move this bill forward and vote for H.B. 761 to restore our Everglades, recharge and replenish our aquifer,  and keep our waterways clean for everyone. 
Your vote on this bill will be remembered at election time, this will affect our tourism, our health, and our ecosystem. Please vote to clean up and protect our water.  Thank you.”

*Can add something specific about working on the ocean or in the tourism industry or seeing the effects of algae blooms (depending on where in FL you are located) 

Women's March FL Keys Chapter




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