Women's March Florida supports LEAGUE of WOMEN VOTERS-FL CALL-to ACTION: Florida House undermines public school districts' authority.

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House bills 5101, 5103, and 5105 declare that any district with a D or F school is in a state of emergency.

After three years, students will be reassigned, schools will be closed or contracted to private charters called “Schools of Hope.” Charter chains that currently qualify have documented student attrition rates of forty percent which raises a whole set of questions. 
What happens to students who must leave these charters?
What happens to neighborhood schools whose students leave?

These bills would:
  • Exempt charter school teachers and administrators from certification requirements.
  • Require school districts to share with charters $147.9 million in local facility maintenance funds. 
  • Create a $200 million dollar charter support fund plus a State-managed charter loan fund rather than Increase public school funding.
  • Require districts to either give under enrolled public schools to charters or share them.

Uncontrolled charter school growth creates a downward spiral for low income neighborhoods. Using public funds for charter and private schools leaves public schools inadequately funded and under-enrolled.

Contact Call Holly Raschein (850) 717-5120

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