HB989 Reviewed again on APRIL 3rd at 11:30. EMAIL COMMITTEE MEMBERS THIS WEEKEND. 
#womensmarchflorida Follow-up to 3/27 CALL TO ACTION on the Florida School Book Banning and Censorship Bills

HB 989 is scheduled to be reviewed again on April 3rd at 11:30. Please take a moment this weekend to email committee members to let them know you oppose a bill that will allow any county resident to challenge library books and classroom materials. Some changes that would improve this bill:

1) Include charter schools and their adoption/challenge process in the bill. Charter schools are public schools, too. They should be transparent and held accountable to all local taxpayers.

2) Strike the provision that allows any county resident to challenge instructional materials. Only parents have standing on this issue, because their children are affected by instructional materials. Paying taxes is not enough to claim standing; we pay taxes for many things we are not permitted to influence.

3) Strike the provision that allows people to challenge library books and supplementary curricular materials. Library books are not curricular or assigned. They should be reviewed by each child’s parents. Supplementary materials (e.g., Weekly Readers, newspaper articles, etc.) are not “adopted” by districts.

4) Require districts to document the fiscal impact of the many curriculum challenges this law will now require them to respond to, and then revisit the law in two years to assess the costs to the districts.

5) Restore the final sentence of FS 1006.28(1)a3 to read as follows: The school board’s decision after convening a hearing is final and not subject to further petition or review.

This bill wastes scarce educational resources, and removes books that get kids to read. Trust all parents and educators to decide what children are ready to read.

Town, FL

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