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#womensmarchfl MARCH 26: URGENT CALL TO ACTION!!!


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Florida House Bill 989 and Senate Bill 1210 will enable community members to ban books from school libraries and censor classroom materials.

If this bill passes:

• ANY county resident can challenge a textbook that contains information he doesn’t believe is “factual and accurate” or any library book that she considers pornographic.

A Brevard County parents group (Parents ROCK Brevard) got a 6th grade textbook removed because it mentioned climate change. They backed up their scientific objections with information from newspaper articles and Wikipedia, a less-than-reliable Internet source of information.

A Collier County parents group (Parents ROCK, co-founded by Rep. Byron Donalds’ wife, Collier County School Board member Erika Donalds) wants books removed from library shelves because they’re pornographic. They chose novels by Toni Morrison, the first African American woman to win a Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Florida Citizens’ Alliance (FLCA) authored the original 2016 bill so its members and allies - like Parents ROCK - can challenge materials and get them removed from school libraries and classrooms (read the topics they object to in the Resources List).

We believe that Parents should make those decisions for their own children, not act as self-appointed censors for other learners.

• The District will have to maintain a website and give the public access to all instructional materials.

o Textbooks, workbooks and worksheets, handouts, computer software, online or Internet courses, CDs or DVDs, and multiple forms of communication and electronic media can be challenged. 
o These administrative tasks - setting up a website, providing the public with textbooks and worksheets, listening to complaints – divert school resources away from instruction.

• The school board will appoint an “objective and unbiased” hearing officer to hear challenges, which means to them anyone who is not a school district “employee, agent or contractor.”

o Excluding educators from decisions on instructional materials disrespects their profession. In the education business, it is also bad governance.

This law is a “solution” to a problem that doesn’t exist. Parents already have input in adoption decisions and can challenge materials they don’t like. A parent can sit down with a teacher now and ask how a reading is being used in a lesson. County residents do not know whether a reading with one perspective is balanced by a reading with another perspective in a lesson plan. Without this information, it is impossible to conclude that instructional materials are biased and objectionable.

TAKE ACTION THIS WEEKEND! Florida Senate and House K-12 Education Committees will vote midday on MONDAY, March 27.

STEP 1- CALL/TWEET THE MEMBERS OF THE SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE and urge them to vote NO on Senate Bill 1210 (first phone number is in Tallahassee; second is home district) * You do NOT have to live in their district! Committee members are accountable to ALL Floridians!! **

Florida Senate Education Committee Members:

Gary Farmer (District 34, Broward) – (850) 487-5034, Fort Lauderdale (954) 467-4227. Email: Twitter: @GaryMFarmer

Anitere Flores (District 39, Monroe, Miami-Dade) - (850) 487-5039, Miami (305) 222-4117. Email: On Facebook, search for @anitere. Twitter: @AnitereFlores

Bill Galvano (District 21, Manatee, Hillsborough) - (850) 487-5021, Bradenton (941) 741-3401. Email: On Facebook, search for @BillGalvano. Twitter: @BillGalvano

Dorothy Hukill (District 14, Brevard, Volusia) - (850) 487-5014, Port Orange (386) 304-7630. Email: Facebook, Twitter: @DorothyHukill ‏

Tom Lee (District 20, Pasco, Hillsborough, Polk) - (850) 487-5020, Brandon (813) 653-7061, Email: Facebook, search for: @TomLeeFlorida. Twitter: @TomLeeFL

Debbie Mayfield (District 17, Indian River, Brevard) – (850) 487-5017, Melbourne (321) 409-2025. Email: Facebook, search for: @senatordebbiemayfield. Twitter: @debbie_mayfield

David Simmons (District 9, Seminole, Volusia) - (850) 487-5009, Longwood (407) 262-7578. Email: Facebook, search for: @DSimmonsFL, Twitter: @DSimmonsFL

Wilton Simpson (District 10, Citrus, Hernando, Pasco) - (850) 487-5010, Spring Hill (352) 540-6074. Email: Facebook, search for: @SimpsonWilton. Twitter: @WiltonSimpson

Linda Stewart (District 13, Orange) - (850) 487-5013, Orlando (407) 893-2422. Email: Facebook, Twitter: @LindaStewartFL

Perry Thurston, Jr. (District 33, Broward) - (850) 487-5033, Fort Lauderdale (954) 321-2705. Email: Facebook, search for: @SenatorPerryThurston. Twitter: @SenatorThurston

STEP 2- CALL/TWEET THE HOUSE EDUCATION COMMITTEE and demand they vote NO on House Bill 989 (first phone number is in Tallahassee; second is home district) ** You do NOT have to live in their district! Committee members are accountable to ALL Floridians!! **

Florida House of Representatives Education Committee Members:

Larry Ahern (District 66, Pinellas) - 850-717-5066; Seminole 727-395-2512. Email: Facebook, search for @electlarryahern. Twitter: @Larry_Ahern

Bruce Antone (District 46, Orange) – (850) 717-5046, Orlando (407) 445-5313. Email:

Robert Asencio (District 118, Miami-Dade) – (850) 717-5118, Miami (305) 222-4122. Email: On Facebook, search for @RepAsencio. Twitter: @ascencio2016

Michael Bileca (District 115, Miami-Dade) – (850) 717-5115, Miami (305) 273-3235. Email: Facebook, search for @mbileca. Twitter: @mbileca

Kamia Brown (District 45, Orange) – (850) 717-5045, Ocoee (407) 905-3806 or (407) 905-3807. Email: Twitter: @kamiabrownfl45

Bob Cortes (District 30, Orange, Seminole) - (850) 717-5030, Altamonte Springs (407) 262-7420. Email:

Manny Diaz, Jr. (District 103, Broward, Miami-Dade) – (850) 717-5103, Hialeah Gardens (305) 364-3072. Email: On Facebook, search for @MannyDiazJr. Twitter: @RepMannyDiazJr

Byron Donalds (District 80, Hendry, Collier) – (850) 717-5080, Naples (239) 417-6270, LaBelle (863) 675-5267 Email: On Facebook, search for @ByronDonalds. Twitter: @ByronDonalds

Shev Jones (District 101, Broward) - (850) 717-5101, West Park (954) 893-5010. Email: On Facebook, search for @RepShevrinJones. Twitter: @ShevrinJones.

Chris Latvala (District 67, Pinellas) – (850) 717-5067, Clearwater (727) 724-3000. Email: On Facebook, Twitter: @ChrisLatvala.

Larry Lee, Jr. (District 84, St. Lucie) - (850) 717-5084, Fort Pierce (772) 595-1391. Email:

Rene Plasencia (District 50, Brevard, Orange) – (850) 717-5050, Titusville (321) 383-5151. Email:

Mel Ponder (District 4, Okaloosa) – (850) 717-5004, Fort Walton Beach (850) 833-3713. Email:

Elizabeth Porter (District 10, Baker, Columbia, Hamilton, Suwannee, Alachua) – (850) 717-5010, Lake City (386) 719-4600. Email:

Jake Raburn (District 57, Hillsborough) – (850) 717-5057, Valrico (813) 653-7097. Email: Twitter: @JakeRaburn

Barry Russell (District 95, Broward) – (850) 717-5095, Lauderhill (954) 497-3367. Email:

Charlie Stone (District 22, Marion) – (850) 717-5022, Ocala (352) 291-4436. Email:

Jennifer Sullivan (District 21, Lake, Orange) – (850) 717-5031, Eustis (352) 742-6275. Email: On Facebook, search for @voteforjennifer. Twitter: @voteforjennifer

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