Save our Oceans: Ban Plastic Bags

3/20 & 3/21-- Support Senate Bill 162 by calling committee members!
SUPPORT SB162 which will get the disposable plastic bag pilot project bill passed. This bill will allow coastal cities with populations with less than 100,000 to regulate and/or ban plastic bags.

CALL members of the Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee.
•    Senator Laruen Frances Book (850) 487-5032
•    Vice Chair Senator Rob Bradley: (850) 487-5005
•    Senator Travis Hutson (850) 487-5007
•    Senator Jack Latvala (850) 487-5016
•    Senator David Simmons (850) 487-5009
•    Senator Linda Stewart (850) 487-5013

Hi, my name is _________ I’m with the Women’s March Florida chapter and I live in __________.  I’m calling to ask Senator ______ to support Senate Bill 162, the Disposable Bags Bill which will allow ________ to be a pilot city to ban disposable bags.

•    Feel free to add a talking point about plastic littering marine life around the world/specific to your area
•    Small % of plastic bags actually recycled
•    Many other cities and states passed this, its time for FLORIDA to step up and protect our oceans and marine life

Women's March FL Keys Chapter




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