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On March 15, We MARCH for Healthcare!

We at Women's March Florida fully support safe and accessible healthcare for all regardless of insurance, economic or citizen status. This includes a woman’s right to legal abortions, affordable birth control, and emergency contraception.

The American Medical Association, a powerful lobbying group representing the nation’s doctors, announced on Wednesday that it opposed the House Republicans’ proposed legislation to replace the federal health care law, saying it was concerned the bill “would result in millions of Americans losing coverage and benefits.” The Congressional Budget Office echoed this concern, predicting an increase of 24 million people without health insurance by 2026 under the Republican led plan- including 14 million in the next year.

If you are concerned and passionate about healthcare for all please contact Samantha Reynolds or Kathryn Norris to become a part of the Women's March Florida Keys : Healthcare and Reproductive Rights group and make a difference on this very timely and very important issue! 

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